Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a new SITE!!!

I am touched to say that God has blessed us with a friend who is amazing at graphic designing and who understands the world of being sick.  Her family is a family of four, just like us, two boys, a mom and a dad.  Just like us…. Two major differences Zachary was able to go see Jesus and all four of them have mitochondrial disease.  Yes you read that right the whole family.  It was diagnosed in a child, then the other, then the mom and then the dad.  Can you imagine?

Can you imagine? I can’t because one is overwhelming I can’t imagine all of them having this disease that has no treatment and no cure.  This disease that destroys the body at different rates, sometimes slow and sometimes so fast that you can’t blink before something happens.  What is the fear that they have?

10 months ago roughly I met the mom of this family while sitting in the lobby of the neuropsychologist.  I was sitting there with Adam and Aden.  Not paying attention to anything but Aden picking on his dad.  This lady across from me kept looking at me and then we both got the courage to talk to each other.  I found out that roughly a day before she had read my blog, my blog, I didn’t know people that I didn’t know read it.  I know silly, but we are just an ordinary family that was touched by a disease that no one understands.  A disease that is taking children far too young and causing adults to lose the abilities that they once had.

She and I were talking about something I wanted to do for Remembering Zachary and she offered the one thing that she can do… her talents and her skills.  So I am very proud to introduce to you a new site that I can take donations through if it is easier than sending a check and something that will tell more information about what we need and what we are planning to do.

Thank you Brandi for helping me with my vision, for listening to me ramble and for understanding all my rambling!

please Consider using Brandi if you need something designed for your blog, business, or anything of that nature! She is a wonderful person and I know that she would appreciate the support.  thank you again Brandi, I deeply appreciate it!

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