Friday, May 25, 2012

I have learned…

I have learned that in a blink of an eye things can change

·      Things get better

·      This get worse

·      Life experiences happen

·      We fall in love

·      We have our life change

·      We realize that it isn’t about us anymore

I have learned that in a blink of an eye we do things that are ordinary to everyone till you find that you or someone that you love can’t do them.  Things like

·      Going on vacation

·      Going outside

·      Going to school

·      Not having a doctor’s appointment daily

·      Having friends

·      Being able to talk

·      Giving Hugs

·      Having a favorite food

·      Eating popsicles or other candies because they have one ingredient in them

·      Being able to leave at a seconds notice to be gone as long as you want for whatever you want.

I have learned that Happy things can be hard:

·      Graduations that never happened

·      1st days of school

·      Spelling test, math tests or any other tests

·      Riding a bike

·      Reading and Writing

·      Birthdays that didn’t occur

·      1st boyfriends or girlfriends

·      The heat of summer

·      Playdates

I have learned that sometimes you have to slow down enough to pay attention to the real things that are going on the simple things that we think might not be the true story, things like:

·      A six year old paying for toys in the store might be because he is giving some of his graduation money to buy some toys in his brothers honor not just so he can get more things

·      A child that is having a melt down at school might be because they are missing the love of a father who has died, a brother that has died or some other loved one that isn’t available to hug them not because they are a bad child.

·      An adult might be short with you and distant because they are dealing with depression, another medical condition, grief or pain that causes them to have difficulties. It isn’t just because they don’t like people or because they don’t want to be around people, sometimes it is hard to fight through it all and still be what we think others want us to be(all of us think we must be a certain way).  They might long to feel like they matter or that they still are a friend

·      An adult might be grieving the loss of dreams… dreams of a child being what they desired or dreams of what they were going to be,  dreams of always being with the one that they loved not because they are broken but because God had better plans.

I have learned that in a moment we learn who we are, who are true friends are, and we can realize how blessed we are to be surrounded by those that care about us. 

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