Monday, May 21, 2012


A while back, I don't mean months but years ago, I walked into church for the first time. I was a sophomore in high school, unsure on where I fit in if that was even something that I could accomplish and wondering what it was about. I went that Sunday morning and found out there was a youth function later that night. I wanted to go, I wanted to be involved, to have a friend. I went and I had a youth worker who took interst in me and we developed a relationship that was amazing, she opened her house to me, she helped me when I was discouraged and she believed in me. she allowed me to fuss and to develop who I was. When my mom became I'll with brain cancer she was simply amazing, she cooked at least once a Week and she visited us while she was inpatient. She somehow walked this amazing line of being friends with both a parent and a child. She made my wedding cake for me and she drove the hour or more to attend my wedding. She was amazing. Several years ago, she helped me learn the basics about cake and icing so I could make cakes for my son. Zachary was turning 1 and couldnt have any milk protein, I needed an icing to decorate. She quickly emailed me the bare basics and a recipe. I made my first cake shortly after and she praised me for the attempt. I still smile at that fish with the huge blow pop lips and the little star fish that was Zachary's alone. Why am I writing well last night I sent a simple Facebook message... Hey! To her and quickly on my screen was Hi Kiddo! All I could do was smile, it flashed me back to nights sitting at her table or days sitting in her livingroom talking and sharing. It flashed me back to her livingroom decorated for my mom's 50th birthday that se celebrated literally months before going to be with Jesus. It reminded me of why we develop relationships? We are here to encourage and to help build others up, how are you doing? Do people know that you are one that cares that will be a good support or one that they shudder to think about. For me this friend, even though I have no gotten oldere, I'm no longer in her youth group, I know I care to her.

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