Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Really almost 1 year..... Really!

So yesterday I came to the conclusion that I am not sure why God has our brain work the way that it does.  I realized that in 2 weeks it will be 1 year since Zachary was blessed to be with God.  I am not sure that I am excited about it or that I am looking forward to it but a really good friend of mine told me this…. Think of it this way, you got to one year.  Remember when you didn’t think that you could make it through one sec, one hour, one day, one week, one month.  Now you have almost 12 months behind you. Thanks, that is how I am going to try to look at it!

My heart’s desire is that I use all the things that I do and all the things that I have been through to touch and impact other people in a positive manor.  That I use Zachary’s name and his honor in a way that will always be positive and uplifting sharing with others the smiles and the joy that Zachary always had.  The 1st thing that I am doing is an event that I am praying that I can make into a yearly event, which is Remembering Zachary.  During this event it is my goal to collect as many items that we can use in the hospital to bring hope to not only the patient, the child, but to their parents and caretakers.  It is my heart’s desire that no one walks through their journey without knowing that people are praying and that they matter.    

In doing this we are collecting items for the hospital to deliver to the patients but we are also collecting food items and other things for the nurses and doctors that are serving in the PICU/TICU.  These nurses and doctors are honestly sometimes the only people that you see during your stay there.  You don’t want to leave your child and you can’t bear to so they are the ones that come into your room and make a difference.  We want to thank them, let them know that they are not alone and that we appreciate it.  Almost a year out, I still think about the doctors and the nurses and I miss them.  I remember when we were there at the hospital and I was praying that they would come and bring something to Zachary to play and do because I was bored and having trouble being stuck in a room after 10 days.  I remember when Zachary would get things that it would make him smile and laugh and it would instantly give me hope that things were okay.  I remember Zachary stickering with fairies and flowers because they didn’t have boy stickers for him, Zachary laughed and was happy.  It brought him fun and smiles and brought me hope.  I hope to bring hope and joy to all those that I can that are living the life that we lived. 

I guess I am being selfish because I want to get so much stuff, so many items that we touch EVERY patient that is there.  So in having this dream and this desire, I am asking that you consider donating items to help us accomplish this.  We were asked to do an Amazon Wish list, here is this list to help.  They have shipping and can ship it directly to me.  Here is that link:

Here are some suggestions of things that we still need:

·        Crayons

·        Markers

·        Coloring Books

·        Notebooks

·        Journals

·        Infant toys (crib toys, stroller toys, etc)

·        Stickers

·        Bubbles

·        DVDs (rated PG or less please)

·        Board games

·        Prepackage Snacks (for parents)

I realized I was blessed beyond my wildest dreams; My goal is to bless others! Please consider helping us do this.  If you would rather send a gift card or a check, I would be more than happy to shop for you!!!

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