Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a mini update

Every time I seriously start to doubt things God has a way of touching my heart and mind to let me know that He is still right here besides me. Lately I am starting to see how God’s plan is so incredibly Sweet!!!  Yes there are moments and times that seem like a lifetime that are painful, sad and yucky but even those moments are designed to work into God’s plan.  

The 1st thing that I am amazed about is how God works…. The meeting of a friend that is able to help with a mission, the ability to encourage others, and all sorts of things.  In this case I have been working on the Remembering Zachary event, something that I started just to remind myself that Zachary wasn’t forgotten.  My hopes were to get one more item than what we were going to be able to do… Well I can honestly say that God has blessed this more than I could ever have imagined.  We have collected a number of items and I am delighted to be able to take them to the hospital and touch lives.  However I am learning this was also for another reason, this was for me to be an encouragement to others. 

I have met two separate ladies who are walking a road that can be hard and lonely.  One of them is walking and learning about herself as an adult having mito, I can’t imagine living your life and then one day finding out that you have mito.  I am sure that it explains quite a bit but then I am sure that it can open up some emotions that you don’t know how to express.  Wondering how to express it to everyone and living with a disease that is invisible to most but that is one that impacts every single part of your life.  Through email, we have chatted a lot and it is my desire that she knows that she is never alone!

Then the other is a grandmother of a precious child that was blessed to go see Jesus.  This relationship in itself is special because her grandchild was born on the day that Zach lost his life, living less than a year but making a HUGE impact.  She wanted to honor the birth of her Grandchild by honoring the death of Zach.  She wanted to spoil and bless the children that are in the hospital as she would have spoiled her grandchild.  What an AMAZING thing!!!!

Thank you for all that everyone has been doing, praying, sending money, sending items and letting others know about the events.  I deeply appreciate it and am honored!  This is something that I hope to do every year as Zachary will always be close to me. I now have a website up and running which is  www.rememberingzachary.org  It will be opened to donations and will let you know what I am planning next.  I am very thankful for my friend who designed it for me and who is helping me learn what I am doing.   If you need graphic designing please look her up and consider using her, she is an amazing woman her web address is www.sissyfrissys.com and you can find her on facebook as well

Please pray for us as we decide what we are going to do.  We have several more things in mind and are praying about what direction we need to take.  I want to make sure that no one feels alone.

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