Saturday, October 27, 2012


Each day I wake up at different times and for different lengths of time… sometimes it is at 3am for about 30mins, sometimes it is 2am for an hour, other times it is a time that I have to stay up for the rest of the day.  I very often though have the urging from God to pray for things when I wake up.  Sometimes it is for people or for places, sometimes it is for events that I know or for groups.  I often text the people that I am thinking of if I know that it won’t wake them up or if I know that they are up and one day someone asked me why I pray for them.  So I thought that I would take a sec and I would write about prayer.

Prayer has many definitions and some of them are MORE scholarly that others but I am going to tell you my definition.  For me PRAYER is talking to God, asking God to protect, guide, help, love on those that are important to me and my family. 

I pray for:

·         My Husband, that he will have a good day and that he will know that he is very much loved, for the traffic that he is going to face when he drives an hour to work.  For the things that he looks at that runs circles around my brain when he tells me what all he does.  That he gets enough to eat at lunch and that he knows how special I think he is how much I love him, how thankful I am to be married to him!

·         My family, those that are by marriage or by blood and those that are selected by that deep relationship that God has blessed me with.  I pray that they have a good day that classes go well, that work goes well, that emotionally they are hanging in and that they are safe in all that they do.  That health is good and that if they are going through a crisis that they have the right people that can help them walk through it all.

·         Teachers, not just the teachers that are at my school but ALL teachers.  I pray specifically for the teachers that are touching my son’s life.  That they will have patience when they need it, that they will be able to minister to them, that they will love on Aden if and when he needs it.  That they will have extra love for all the situations that they are involved in. 

·         Schools, not just HOPE Academy but ALL schools.  I pray specifically for HOPE academy for the children that are there, for all of the illnesses, losses, grades, and things that are brought into the school.  Situations that I don’t know about.  Every grade, every student, everything that happens.  I pray for the chapels and for the Bible studies that they get exposed, that they will listen and that God will touch their hearts.

·         Friends, I pray for those that I see every day that I know what specifically to pray for; losses, family situations, health, money issues, stresses.  I pray generally for health and for self confidence, self worth that is found in God and not in the world.  I pray for the ability to share what needs to be shared and that they will know that they are never alone.  I pray that they will know in their hearts that I am there for them no matter what.  I pray for those that I don’t see every day but mean the world to me.  I pray for those that I wish lived closer, those that I pray that I see more.  I pray for those that are battling things that I can’t even begin to imagine.

·         Church, I pray for the churches that I am involved in.  Lighthouse Baptist Church; the ones that have provided the building that HOPE academy is in.  The pastor that loves on our students by doing chapel and smiles when he sees our students in the halls.  For the love and compassion that they show us by allowing us to be a school in their building.  Eagles Landing 1st Baptist, where Aden and I go on Wednesdays night that they will continue to share God’s will and God’s love to us.  Tara Baptist Church, My home church, where my husband teaches Sunday school, where I have family and friends, that has walked through some dark times of my life with me.  I pray that they all can Share God’s love and His message.  That I am doing all that God calls me to do there.

·         I pray for other things that come up, events of the day, stories that I have heard hearts that I know. 

If you are one of those people and I have your number to text or on facebook with you, I will take a sec and let you know that I pray. I hope that if there is something going on in your life that you let me know. I firmly believe we are not made to walk this life by ourselves, hidden in a closet somewhere, sometimes it is easier for people to not know what is going on.  I pray that God touches my heart and allows me to be all that those around me need me to be!

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