Thursday, October 25, 2012

Realizing things

More and more I feel like I am starting things off but I am realizing as I get older that there are just times that you realize things…

There are just times that you realize:

·        A touch is sometimes the one thing that helps someone make it another moment

·        A smile can make a difference

·        A laugh can change your whole mood

·        A thought about a friend might mean that they need you

·        A mood is contagious

·        Sometimes you just aren’t okay

·        It’s okay to not be okay

·        There are times that when you help someone you won’t have the words

·        There are some people that you want to be there when the walls come crashing down even when you don’t want to have to be weak in front of them… when you are secretly wishing they will go home and be there at the same time. 

This came to my mind this week as I have had two events that have reinforced them in my heart…

The 1st one is from a friend who had a book given to her and she started to read it and after reading it for a bit, she knew in her heart it wasn’t time for her to read the book but she thought of me and my heart.  The questions that secretly I have been asking her and myself, struggling to find the answers but asking them still, struggling to find a reason.  She made it one chapter and brought it to me, I took the book home and after reading the second chapter I sent her a message.. See in the book the author writes something that I very well could have penned.  I have felt the same feelings, thought the same thoughts and cried almost the same tears.  Secretly though, here this author wrote them for the whole world to know… for me to know, for a friend to feel the prompting of God to lend me a book that I didn’t ask for.  Needless to say, 3 days later she found the book on her desk returned to her waiting for the day that her heart is ready to read it.

The 2nd one is from another friend, well actually two.  I went to church last night and while the class was going on I had a friend on each side me.  We were listening and taking notes of the references that were being given.  Every few minutes the speakers would say something and the one on the right would tickle my ribs, and then a few minutes later the friend on my left would kick my leg.  God knew I needed to hear from the speakers but he also knew that I needed to have people near me, I needed the touch, I needed them to remind me that I wasn’t alone.  While we were closing in prayer one of them reached over and firmly held my hand.  Instantly I knew that at that moment, God was healing a bit of me… the tickling, the kicking, the smiles, the eye rolls, the holding hands and the prayers.  God was touching me and healing just a little bit of my heart. I never thought that I would have people in my life like the two that were with me at the table and yet not only do I have them in my life but God is using them to move me to the next step in my journey.

See these are two things to remind me that we aren’t alone; we are not meant to walk this path, this life by ourselves.  We are called to be friends, to love at all time, to be there no matter what, to love on, to help and to pick up.  To listen to friends when they say things that are from their hearts, to love them when they think you are going to hate you for it.  I want to be that friend; I want to be the one that is known as being nonjudgmental, loving and caring.  I want to be there, I want to walk the path with my friends holding their hands, praying for them and loving on them.  Why because I know how important it is.  I know that we need it and it is so very important.  That touch matters that a smile matters, a pm/text matters, a letter matters, being there matters

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