Tuesday, October 9, 2012

To the one...

To the girl down the hall that doesn’t see how smart she is.  There is always hope, there is always a reason.  You are in fact smart enough; you are bright enough, your thoughts matter, your actions matter! Without you in this world, things wouldn’t be the same! We would laugh less and cry more.  It may take you longer to get things and it may take a lot of work but it doesn’t make you any less important or smart!

To the friend who doesn’t know what to say.  The words don’t matter, it what is in the heart, the actions that take place and the amount of true, real concern there is.  A word might be nice but it doesn’t have to be real or true, that action tells us the true meaning.  Being there always and hanging on when the rest of the world gives up matters.  It is also important that you share what your heart is feeling you don’t have to walk it alone .  Open up, try to say something, it is hard but it is worth it 

To the one that doesn’t know what to do next, who thinks they can’t do another thing! Yes you can, baby steps, any movement is worth it.  Sometimes we don’t know what we are doing but we are equipped to do what God has called us to do.  We are strong enough, YOU are strong enough!!!

To the one that is barely making one step in front of the other.  To the one that wonders what is going to happen next.  Keep Going, keep trying, you are moving more than you know, you are making a difference you are touching someone in a way that you will never know.  However, each little step is important. Things are not always bad and God can use the bad things for His glory! You are an important part of the Masters plan.

To the one that no longer sees how things are going to be okay. Please know that you are not alone and that no matter what the actions are and no matter what happens knows that you will never be alone.  It may take time but it will be worth it.

To the one that doesn’t think that they matter.  There are no words that I can express to let you know how much you do matter.  The things that you do and the things that you are part of help more people that you can imagine, you are smart, talented, amazing.  You matter, repeat after me, you matter!

To the one that hesitates to say anything to anyone.  Please say something; please know that it is worth it and that you are worth it.  You are not alone in your battle but until you open to share and expose yourself you will never know that there are more people walking the path that you are.  You are so important to touch someone that needs to know that they aren’t alone.  You aren’t going to scare everyone away.

To the one that thinks that they are alone, you are NEVER alone, YOU ARE IMPORTANT! YOU MATTER!!!  You matter to someone more than you ever will know, there is someone that needs to talk to you, needs to laugh with you, needs to be your friend, needs to be blessed by you!

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