Saturday, March 17, 2012

true love

It is another day and I realize that it has been awhile since I have written…. It is one of those things that I have a ton to say but it isn’t always easy or appropriate to let the whole world know.   This week has been a huge up and down week and as high as the emotions could go was as low as those emotions have gone as well.  The emotionally swing was in full effect happy, sad, angry, rage, love, laughter and all… I never knew how I was going to feel?

One of the biggest things that I have realized this week is that FLU season is in full force, this is something that shocked me, not because of the flu but because this was something that was a major concern for me.  The hospital is full and for once I don’t have to worry about going out or being with people.  The flu is to me, this time, just like it is the normal person which is something so far out of your mind you don’t even think about it.  When a person has mitochondrial disease something like the flu could very well kill them literally, it isn’t something to play around with and this week I know of 3 children who have all landed in the hospital with the FLU.  I HATE MITO!!!!

It was very hard to see all the people that I know and that I care for deal with the flu and other things this week.  Many of them were waiting for hospital beds or for tests to come back to see the next step.  Many were trying to figure out what to do; they had gone to the ER with chest pain, only to have the ER tell them that they don’t know why there was so much pain.  I think at last count I had 3 adults all with chest pains that were in the hospital or in the ER, 1 adult that was admitted to have major surgery, 4 children who were inpatient, 3 outpatient praying that they could manage all that they needed to without going in, and 2 that were finally going to be admitted after being inpatient for a while.  All to realize that we were NOT one of them.  WE didn’t have to worry about being inpatient, having a room, having Aden somewhere, or anything… We were simply support for people that we loved. 

So last week in the midst of everything Adam and I realized how much we needed to be there for other people…One of our good friends was admitted to the hospital in preparation for triple bypass surgery.  It was one of the things that she had an episode that landed her in the hospital in Feb and it was decided that surgery was needed.  Adam has a heart for heart patients, I know it sounds funny but it is true.  He had open heart surgery at 14 and so he knows the pain, fear and issues that come along with it.  That paired with the fact that this is a good friend of ours (her and her husband) sent us in on our knees mode.  For those that don’t believe in God or haven’t known me long enough to know what that means… it means simply that we pray for the people involved (all of the parties) and we begin to do things to support the person.  All I honestly knew was that I am a medical person.  I was raised up in the hospital, I have lots of hours in the ER and NICU volunteering (over 1000 hours put together), I had Zach and all that he went through and this was honestly the 1st time that I was in tears over a surgery.  The 1st time I felt like I had to pray because if I didn’t I was going to loose it.  The love I have for her and her whole family was so strong that I couldn’t hold it together.  So on my knees I went. 

I got the call on Monday that they were going to move the surgery up… It wasn’t a matter of if I was going but who was going to take Aden to school.  I was there… There was no option, It didn’t matter if no one else wanted me there or even if they knew I was going to be there.  I HAD TO BE THERE. Adam and I went up to see her and I asked if she wanted or needed me to stay the night before surgery with her at the hospital.  After talking and me assuring her that I would be okay (the 1st time I had stayed in patient since Zach got admitted in June) and I was, she WAS and IS worth it! It was a simple way I could give back.  We got up on Tuesday morning and her family was there and I was included, we waited and waited and waited.  We later found out that the triple bypass that she was supposed to have turned out to a Quintuple bypass (YES 5).  Someone asked me how is she alive? Without asking I said God.  It is the simple truth, God had her in His lap protecting her.  I had to believe that Zach was in heaven watching over her during her struggles and during surgery.  The honor I had to be there at the hospital that day left me amazed and tired.

She is recovering and doing well, weak and tired but considering well.  I am honored to be involved and to care about others, I am praying more and more that I can be the one that God uses for all those that I know and that are in my life

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