Wednesday, February 15, 2012


There comes a time when we are challenged to do something that we really want to do but it is far too hard for you to walk to and to figure out. For me that is a journey that I am on now. I know that God is with and I know that I need to be doing this challenge but I can tell you that it is far harder than I knew it would be.

Help, the act of meeting needs of an individual and allowing them to work through something that they can't do without help. It can be emotional, monetary, material, or physically. You can help while not letting anyone knows or the person may know you are involved. You may ask for help or someone can just see a need that you don't even know about yet.

Help is often intimate and something that you don't like to be broadcasted, you dont want the world to say that you are fairly but you may also just be in a position where you have to hav it. Their are times needing help just rushes over you, while you can't tell others how you need it, you are so thankful that help is available. You may be embarrassed and wonder how to accept it.

Well coming from someone who loves to help let me tell you this... Accept it by knowing that someone loves you enough to try to send help your way, it can be a little or a lot. It is often something that God lays on my heart, nothing to be embarassed about our to worry about. I can also tell you that I have trouble asking for help and I often wonder about it.... So I understand that to. I am learning how to work though things and how to be a better friend, how to help and how to allow others to help me

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