Monday, March 23, 2009

So the wait once again...

Waiting…. It seems like we are always waiting for something.

1st I am waiting for a call back from the ENT, The doc called and said that YES I needed to bring him in and that they might have to take the tube out and we will have to evaluate if he needs them again. However, he can’t schedule an appointment so his nurse must call me back.

2nd I am waiting for the neuro to schedule the MRI of the brain and spine with spect that we are supposed to have Zach go through. I was told within a week they would talk to me and schedule it, today at 1:30pm will be 1 well.

3rd I am waiting for appointments that we have this week. I have an appointment, Zach has OT, Zach has a GI appointment this week and I am sure at any moment things can be added onto this schedule. Not to mention that we have a MRI and several other tests that need to be scheduled and that can be scheduled at any moment.

4th I am waiting to go pick up pics that we had taken of the boys; I can’t wait to bring them home and show Adam. I took the boys and Zach wasn’t having a good day but we had a wonderful photographer who was able to get some great and wonderful pics. I can’t wait to see Adam’s face…. Our boys are growing up.

5th I am waiting for our FSA to send us the checks so we can pay some of the medical bills that we have.

Besides all the waiting I am dealing with several situations that I want to scream about:

1. Dealing with people who think that they should tell me what to do. I was walking in the parking lot with Zach in my arms and some lady started screaming that I needed to put a hat on Zach and that he needed a blanket cause it was cold and he was little. Granted it wasn’t cold, I was in short sleeves and flip flops and she was in capris, sandals, and a short sleeve shirt. Makes no sense.

I also am tired of people saying that Zach doesn't need to be on formula or on babyfood anymore since he is 20 months. Goodness if I could not give it too him, then I wouldn't, I mean who wants to buy expensive formula and have to plan to have everything that their child consumes with them because you know that he won't eat normal things. Who wants to buy babyfood or puree foods just because. Sigh, people don't get it. He is 20 months and 15 pounds, he doesn't want to eat table food and he is 15 pounds because of the formula. He can't be flipped to milk, he has a milk protein allergy. Why does it matter anyway?

2. The constant situation of I don’t know and wait and see are going to drive me nuts… I mean I know that scheduling takes a while but goodness let’s get this show on the road please. Part of it makes sense, we are trying to get insurance to cover certain things and that takes time.

3. Looking for a preschool for Aden, I haven’t found one that I love, I want him to go 5 days a week, he is ready for it and the one that I like is 4 days a week. I am going to several more to look and see if they might be a good fit for Aden.

4. I am also so so so tired of dealing with people that say that Zach shouldn't scream and that we are babying him and that is why he isn't talking or walking much. That what we do is making him lazy and where he doesn't want to do anything. Oh my if I could only figure out what to respond to this. Yep, I want to take Zach to PT, OT and ST. I want to see him get so frustrated that he screams and has a meltdown. I want to see him suffer.

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