Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Hospital Again

So After our wonderful yucky rash we had to go to the pedi because Zach didn't want to go the bathroom, well I don't know if he didn't want to go or if he just couldn't pee but whatever the case we went to the doc. We had orders to give him fluids and then to go to the ER if he didn't pee. So we of course made it to the ER, they did labwork and sure enough we got admitted. His sodium levels and one of his kidney functions was off.

Zach loved the view from his room, he got to see the ER entrance, which meant that he got to see lots and lots of ambulances. He also got to see lots of trucks and helicopters. Since he wasn't able to leave the room we looked out the window a bunch. The nurses loved having Zach as a patient because he was so funny and loved to take his medications, as long as it was pink or purple.

During this hospital stay I decided that I was going to try to be positive about everything and try to be more like Zach. Zach is always Smiling, it doesn't matter what the situation, he is smiling and shares the smiles with everyone. I decided that attitude is what I want to have and what I want to be known for. I want to be the one that is always smiling and is always postitive no matter what the situation is.

I finally decided that to ask if Zach could go out of the room and if he could get off of protocol and he could. Zach was delighted to be out of the room and to spend time with all of us. He went to the playroom with his brother and with Pa-paw and Grandmama. He loved to walk the halls and smile at all the children that were there, several of which had been there 6 months or longer. We would sit and talk to one of the girls that had been there a long time but had no vistors, she was about Zach's age and they loved looking at each other and they communicated even though neither one of them could speak a word.
After all that we did I was able to get Zach into the bathtub and find the only toy that I could a clear cup and we played and played and played in the tub. He smiled and then decided that he was going to made a cute face and so I decided that I couldn't tell the story without putting this pic on here.
After the bath he decided that the cabinet was made to eat in and so he climbed in and ate his cheerios and pkayed in there for a while. He loved to close the doors and to have a great time in there.
I couldn't do a update about the hospital without talking about Aden. I am totally amazed and stand in awe on his ability to be flexiable. I have always believed that God wants his people to be flexiable, but when I look at Aden it makes me want to strive to be even more flexiable. He was able to stay with Uncle Al and he had a great time, he got to play outside and enjoy himself. He came to the hospital and enjoyed every min of it... he loved playing the the "Hawks" room and he loved the basketball goal there.
So for now we are at home and we are a family again!!! Zach has basically recovered and we are enjoying all that we can do now that we are having time to do things.

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