Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Good Day

So Today we woke up and I thought that we were going to have a day that was just okay. However, before we could get done with church we had a suprise, it started to snow. Now Aden has seen snow but Zach hasn't, last year he slept through it and so this year I was determined that they both were going to play in it. While at church, I could hear Zach screaming, he was trying to get them to take him outside but they were worried that he would get cold, I quickly gave them permission to take him out, He loved it!!!!

We came home and ate quickly and bundled the kids up and we went outside. The boys loved being outside and after a few mins Zach fell and since it was wet and cold he wasn't happy and then it was slick and he couldn't get up. This meant that he was done. Aden loved the snow, he played and played, he threw snow balls and loved it all. Aden even tried a snow angel!!! I was also mean and I dumped a ton of snow on him.

Then I got to cuddle and play with both of my boys and we got to spend time as a family, today was a good day!

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