Friday, March 27, 2009

Lots and Lots of Changes

So lots of changes to report…. Things have changed quickly and now I am waiting for tests to be scheduled and to see if changes helped.

But before I start on Zach let me tell you about Aden… this boy has such a sense of humor, he has us laughing 99% of the time. I can’t believe the things that he has picked up on and how his connects things, it is amazing. He has decided that he is ready to go to school and every school that he is sees is “his School”. We are looking for a k-3 preschool class but haven’t found one that we like and that we can afford, so I am praying that God will let us know what to do. He is ready and I am really praying that wherever God wants him that we can find it and that we can get him in so next year he can go to school, he wants to go NOOOWWWW, as he says it.

Zach is doing well, we have had several doctors’ appointments but overall things are really well. I think that he is on the rebound; I am praying that it stays for a while. We recently dealt with a blown ear drum with infection and the suctioning out of both ears. Things are better with that. We went to the Neuro and they ordered new A-AFOs so soon you will get to see new cool braces, she also ordered a MRI that we are still waiting to be scheduled. He also went to the GI doc, this appointment was long but it was great. Zach is now on continuous feeds and seems to really be doing well on them. He also is being scheduled for more testing and we might have to go out of state for even more testing sometime soon.

One of the coolest things is that since Zach has been feeling a little better he has been walking more independently, while he still gets tired and his legs still give out on him, he is able to walk a fair amount now. Recently he went and stole his brothers recorder and then headed down the hall with it, he was laughing and smiling the whole way. What do I do as a good mother? I stopped and took pics, it was the 1st time that Zach has done this, the 1st time that he has taken anything from his brother and ran away or waddled away! Of course when Zach saw the camera he stopped and played for me and then he took off again since Aden was coming after him.
I was delighted!

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