Monday, March 2, 2009

So does it end

So after yesterdays day going so well, today wasn't so good, it had great moments and was great for Aden but for Zach it wasn't so great.

Aden had a great time, we found Batman and Spiderman On Demand, I had no idea that they were there and so for the 1st time he is watching them. Maybe not the best but it is a treat and he is loving it. Then he got to play in the Moody pool, aka, the bath tub. He loves playing in the bath tub lately.

Zach had to be woken up, he got a bath and that is when I found the wonderful rash that you see above. So far the word is he ate something that he is allergic to or he has yet another virus. The one saving grace no puke yet. Although he isn't wanting to eat and all he is wanting to do is sleep, snuggle and cuddle.

Have you ever tried to do clothes, esp. blankets with a 19 month old that wants to cuddle and snuggle with all of them.

So tomorrow is going to be a very hectic day.... OT, PT and then based on tonight we might have to go to the pedi as well. Sigh, does it end!!!


  1. :-(
    that stinks!
    poor kiddo
    poor mommy.
    i am thinking of you, i hope it gets better fast, and i hope it is a short lived virus, one that is gone as fast as it arrived.
    -kristen (umdlax4)
    i love the blog.

  2. Poor baby, I hope it gets better superfast