Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Day in our lives....

So you know when you have something planned that you really want to do that things go crazy before right. Well, we were given an AWESOME opportunity through Lekotek to go to the Atlanta Zoo, they were giving us 3 tickets so we could go and enjoy it and have a family outing. We were excited; Aden was excited beyond what I can type here.

So yesterday we went to our Lekotek play date and both of the boys have a great time, Zach and Aden both played the whole time that we were there. Zach got to play on the touch screen computer and for the 1st time he was really playing on it. He was touching the balls to make them pop the balloons it was an AWESOME thing to see. However, the 1 hour that we were there wore him out so we came home and went to bed. At 5:02pm I went and got Zach up out of his crib since he was crying to walk into a crib full of blood. I mean blood all over him and all over the sheets and the crib. I quickly looked over everything to realize that it is pouring out of his ear. Of course it happens 5 mins. after our peds office closes. So we clean him up and since thre was no blood so we were okay to wait till this morning to take him into the peds office.

Fast forward through the night and Adam went in and got him so he could get a hot bath before the Zoo (It loosens up his muscles allowing him to walk a little longer) and he finds Zach’s face bloody again. So I quickly call the office and we get him into them for an appointment. The ped comes in and can’t even see in his ear because there is so much blood, they don’t have suction small enough for his little ears. However, his other ear is great, his lungs are great and he sounds okay. We get antibiotics and antibiotic drops and we quickly head to the Zoo.

We last went to the Zoo in June of 2008, Zach at that point could care less about it, he didn’t really like it. Well this time we had the wheelchair (so he was better supported) and we were dealing with some improvements. Oh it was wonderful, When Zach could see the animals you could see this WONDERFUL huge smile on his face. It was hard for him to see a lot of them but we tried to make sure that he could see them all. He got to see a lot and Daddy helped him see a bunch. He got to see the baby panda (6 ½ months old) and he loved to see them wrestle. Aden and Daddy loved to see the Giraffe and we got to see them walk and 2 of them met. I loved to see these itty bitty yellow frogs and I think that Zach loved the lemar but mostly because one went right across his view so he got to see it move. He also enjoyed seeing the mamba but mostly because it was moving a lot too.

It was a wonderful trip… THANKS LEKOTEK for letting us go!!!! It was a blast!

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