Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dear Zachary ...

To my baby boy,
I know that you are in a better place, I know you are with my mom and that you are able to do so much that you couldn't do here on earth.  I'm sure you are surrounded by so many that you enjoy. I know you have no tubes... No feeding tubes, no oxygen, no pumps, no medications, no hospital visits, no medical tests, no blood transfusions.  I am sure that you are in charge of cupcakes in heaven, I bet it is one big party everyday, celebrating all the things that we take for granted.  I wonder if there are butterflies and how many you have land on you hand.

We miss you every day... You brother has become a funny amazing young man.  He thinks of you often and wonders why his friends don't get to met his awesome brother.  I pray that you are looking down at him protecting him and his friends.  He often wonders if you are stickering in heaven.  I like to think that you are.   Your daddy misses you, working hard everyday with a new company and is almost finished with his masters.  He passed his CPA testing, his dream of having this is almost done, while it was started for you, he is finishing it for him. He often thinks of "daddy time" you know tht he does daddy time with Aden now.  Both of them look forward to it every night.  You taught us a lot. Your mamaw, papaw, and uncle think of you a lot and often think about you and all you went through.

Then there is me, your mom.  I love you Zachary and I am a much better person now than I ever was.  You taught me how to love and how to care.  You showed me what being strong was, I often wish I could have a ounce of you.  An ounce of your strength, your smile, your love... An ounce of your ability to make a difference.  I learned that I'm not called to walk alone but that I am passionate about making sure others don't feel alone.

We are collecting items to take to the hospital that you were often in.  The hospital that you called your second home.  I can look out while I am typing and I can see a living room of items... Water, foods, crayons, coloring books, games, toys, etc.  we are striving to share your love.

I sit here trying to sleep, I miss you, I miss you lots, I pray that I never forget you and that you are remembered

All my love to you,

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