Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I have to say that I am extremely blessed to work with some amazing women, let me retype that some AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING women.  Notice I didn’t say perfect, I think that all of them would probably shy away from the fact that I am typing this post and yet I am still compelled to let the world know what is being laid on my heart.  I also have to admit I didn’t tell them that I was typing this post!!!

I am blessed to work with some amazing women… they walk with their emotions on their sleeves (just like I do) and they walk each step trying to make sure that God is the one that is leading them.  I am starting (just starting) to build relationships with them and I am in awe.  Some of them I got to church with, some of them I share classrooms and meetings with, some I talk to late at night and text.  Each I am learning has a direct reason to be in my life.  I am blessed to have taught and to teach some of their littles (think k2-k3).  They are encouraging me to use my strengths and admit I have strengths.  That they will brag on Aden!

I am blessed to know one of the most mission oriented women ever, her heart melts for missions… She has a true PASSION for missions and touches so many lives through God reaching through her.  She leads and sets up fundraisers for Compassion International and while I don’t know all the details I do know this.  There are several projects that have children that need to be sponsored.  By sponsoring a child you help them learn about God, have food, and be able to go to school.  This doesn’t sound like much especially here in the United States when we don’t seem to care about how much of things that we have but we want the biggest and newest.  These Children, These Families, struggle to provide a meal a day of rice and beans, they are lucky to have a one room house that is 7 feet by 7 feet, that is smaller than most bedrooms.  Our school has sponsored a child and Aden is learning what the little that he can give can provide for other families lots.  He has given money to make sure that the little boy (who is his age) has food and his family has food.  He has also prayed for the family.  It has allowed us to talk more about helping others and putting himself after others.  She is looking for people that will be willing to sponsor a child and who would be willing to donate a onetime gift to provide clean water for a family.  If you are interested please let me know!!!
Right now I am feeling blessed that Aden is in such a loving environment, that they encourage him, that they teach him about all things so He will be well rounded!

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