Friday, June 8, 2012

An unfair countdown

June 7th, 2011 is a day that we the Moody family will never forget. It is the day tht we decided with the help of of family and medical team to bring zach home for the last time. We wanted our family and friends to get to come and be with us. We wanted th rules to be our own, being able to all curl up with him in his bed, wathcing what we wanted to, not scared to take a shower, a nap or eat. We wanted both, Adam and I, to be with zach... We wanted Aden his big brother that loved and adored him but had to be separated to be with him. Home we came, on June 7th 2011 Adam, Aden and I brought our little man home to be surrounded by his grandparents and all the other loved ones that would come.

June 8th, 2011 was a day that was filled with laughter and fun, zach had races with his big brother,wore his nurse out (who was just lugging all his stuff around: tpn,d10,medications, and oxygen), he laid in the floor telling daddy which marshmallows to eat out of his cereal, he crawled into everyone's lap, he watched Elmo and Barney and did play dough. He even was able to go outside for a few minutes to play with the water table and to do bubbles. To our suprise our little boy who wore himself out didn't wear out but instead wore his big brother out. We were shocked as we put Aden to bed. We decided to spend some one on one with zach and not put him to bed quite yet.

Zach was following his daddy and all of a sudden he couldn't walk anymore so he sat down in the hall way...Adam came and joined us. We began to talk. The topic of heaven came up and so Adam and I decided that we would talk and see what he thought. Zach asked is of "buddy" could go to heaven with him? I told him yes that buddy was his friend and that he would be in heaven with him. Shocked as I watched him pick buddy up and hold him. Adam asked where Jesus was and zach pointed up. He asked "when he was going to see Jesus?" zach's reponse "after nap". We asked if mommy and daddy could go with him? He told us no we had to come later! Shocked and slightly heartbroken we wondered what to do! We hugged him, we prayed with him, zach prayed the only prayer I can remember "God, love, help, amen!" no idea but we were comforted that in Acts it says that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us. He loved us, asked for medicine for buddy because buddy was hurting and tired. We helped zach and buddy get comfy, placed them on bipap and closed the door.

Little did we know that would be the last good day with him.
Little did we know that we would need that converstation with him Little did we know that we were counting down the last days of his life
Little did we know that his body was shutting down and he knew it
Little did I know that I would miss him so much

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