Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Steps, baby steps

Steps, even baby steps are important. As I am answering all sorts if questions about Remembering Zachary, I'm reminded of how much I am not pepared for. I have new people in my life that never good to meet him but zach has impacted their life as well. I'm forever going to be a different person. Praying for the hurt that is so deep that people are Afraid to admit.

I have learned depression and anxiety are misunderstood.
I have learned heart conditions suck, well, they do no matter the age, you can't live without you heart.
I have learn families are put in positions that others don't understand.
I have learned words are empty no matter who they come from if they are not backed up.
I have learned it is possible to hurt so badly because of a life situation that breathing hurts.
I have learned texting the pastor at 3:30am multiple Sundays in a row will get you to be an example from the pulpit.
I have learned sometimes you need people and they cant be there for you.
I have learned sometimes you cant be there when you are needed.
I have learned that caring if often all you can do when watching a friend hurt.
I have learned listening is extremely important.
I have learned death changes you.
I don't want zach to be Forgotten, there is still days of lts of pain but I'm here thinking and praying for my friends

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