Saturday, April 28, 2012


I’m out of words… plain and simple
I am feeling very blessed; good family and good friends around me.
I am feeling amazed to see what God is doing… new friends who aren’t only amazing but get me, who don’t run and hide in a dark room unless I am there and they are joining me.  Friends who have allowed me to fall asleep on them while texting or im’ing (no idea how to write that word).  Friends who have been bold enough to share about themselves to let me know that I am so not alone.   
I am feeling a tad overwhelmed and clueless.  This is for several things but I just realized that I am not I a position where I have friends that never knew Zach, not just that they never met him but they don’t know that I have 2 children.  Friends that think that Aden is an only child, almost like Zach was a figment of my imagination which is very hard for me to process how to tell them that Aden had a younger brother. 
Which puts me to Remembering Zachary… To clarify and to make more sense…
I would like to collect items for my immediate family to take, so if you get us the items, Gift cards or whatever we will plan to take them.  I have a list of low energy items that the children and their families will be able to enjoy.  These items will be given to a child or family member (sibling or parent).
·        Markers
·        Playdough
·        Stickers
·        Construction paper
·        Legos
·        Cars like hotwheels
·        Notebooks
·        Crayons
·        Small bags (like tote bags)
·        I tune gift cards
·        Movies (DVDs rated PG13 and lower)
·        Glue
·        Games for all ages
·        Paint
·        Bags of snacks for parents
·        Color wonder sets
·        Colorful pillowcases
·        Mini Buddy Friends (Please contact them at: You can donate to them through paypal Any amount of money will help, I am not sure how much it costs but including shipping is probably close to 30 dollars.  They will make them and send them to me so I can take them Please make sure to let them know you are donating in Zachary Moody’s honor)

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