Saturday, April 14, 2012

In Honor... with changing and new info

It’s been a few days and I am just now sitting down to do this…. This morning marked 10 months and I am reminded that this is new to use and that we are walking in territory that we have never been in before. I could write for a long time about the pain, hurt, mad, sadness etc my heart is feeling but instead I would like t take a second to let you know something that we have planned.

Zachary was often a patient at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite. He was a patient in the ICU and the TICU for the last year of his life. As we were there we learned the things that they do to try to make the child’s life and the parents live easier and Zach often got his favorite things from child life. He often got stickers, markers, and playdough.

The Moody Family will be asking that you consider helping us collect items to take up to the hospital, Zach still has many friends that come and go from the ICU/TICU and many that need to have a smile brought to their face. If you knew Zach you knew that he was a happy and loving child and would often share his happiness to others. We hope to present these items to the Child Life specialist that was Zach’s favorite and we have gotten a list from her of items that they are in need of and added some more things to it. We are hoping to go up to Scottish on July 2nd which would have been Zach’s 5th birthday to share his love and memory. I will be starting a facebook group and will be posting more details there. I will be happy to answer questions. If you live farther away and would like to donate a giftcard I will be happy to go and get things for you. If you have a child that visits another hospital and you want to donate there please feel free just take a picture of yall doing it. My goal is to put this all in a book to remember

To Touch and Make their illnesses a tad easier for the anniversary of his passing we want his memory to live on through donations of the following items to be donated at Scottish Rite (TICU/PICU) in honor of Zachary.

·        Markers

·        Construction paper

·        Glue

·        Foam

·        Stickers

·        Playdough

·        I tunes gift card

·        notebooks

·        Bags with snacks for parents

·        Crayons

·        Color wonder set

·        Cars

·        Games for all ages

If there are other items please feel free, anything that your child likes that can bring a smile, remember these children may be confined to the bed.

In honor of Buddy Zach’s friend for life.. There is a group online that is making them with build a bear animals.  It isn’t buddy but for another child it would be a friend going through the same thing. We would like to help other families through this as well.

Please contact them at:  You can donate to them through paypal Any amount of money will help, I am not sure how much it costs but including shipping is probably close to 30 dollars.

Please make sure to let them know you are donating in Zachary Moody’s honor.  We want to try to get a picture of all of them to save.

My contact information will be given by email:


  1. What is an address to send the other supplies to that are not related to the buddies?

  2. please email me at

  3. A group of people may be sending items. Should they go directly to the SR TICU/PICU?