Friday, April 10, 2009

Wow Where to start....

Easter Egg Hunts....
WOW, we went to 2 of them and had a blast at both of them.

A couple weekends ago we went to our 1st events as a family that has a child with special needs. We had a blast, the 1st on that we went to was a small Easter Egg hunt (it was a makeup day due to a rainout) and the boys got to hunt eggs and then they played with bubbles. The 2nd Easter egg hunt that we went to was AWESOME, it was huge and had things that we never had thought of. It had an Animal Walk, think Cake walk but you win a stuffed animal instead. Aden got a boy doll and Zach got a monkey. They both still play with them. They had BINGO to play, refreshments, pictures with the Easter bunny, and an Egg hunt.

They Easter Egg Hunt that we did at the 2nd one was way cool, they had hay bales set up with the eggs hidden on, in and around them. It was cool because Zach who by this time was exhausted was able to stay in his wheelchair and still hunt eggs. They enjoyed it. Aden had a blast with it and it was AWESOME to get to be a family and enjoy the hunt together.


We also found this cool new playground it was way cool and the boys enjoyed going to it. It was like a massive castle and it had ton of things that both of the boys could do. We only stayed for a little while but they both enjoyed climbing up into it. One of the biggest things to me is that Daddy enjoyed it as well, we both left saying that it was a super cool playground. It had a maze, a suspension bridge, a tire bridge, a spider net, little rings and little monkey bars, several slides, and swings.

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