Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh MY!!!

Okay so the phrase of the day is “Oh My!!”
I got the packet to fill out for the MITO testing that Zach is going to have to go through. I have always known that it is detailed and that I would have lots and lots to fill out but Oh My!!!!

I wanted to post on here some of the questions and maybe some of yall can say “Oh My” with me!!!! How many of yall can answer them? Now it doesn't count if you have already had to fill out the MITO paperwork!!!!

· How old was patient’s mother when she became pregnant?
· What number pregnancy was this for the patient’s mother?
· Was prenatal care provided? If so at what point in pregnancy did the prenatal care begin?
· Was an ultrasound done as a part of the prenatal care
· How many ultrasounds were done?
· When during pregnancy where the ultrasounds completed?
· Where was the ultrasounds completed? Ob/gyn, hospital, etc
· Were any of the ultrasounds abnormal?
· Were other studies done during this pregnancy?
· List all the OTC and prescription medications, vitamins, health preparations, cigarettes used during this pregnancy.( Include name, brand, amount, and when during the pregnancy it was taken)
· Did you have any of the following during pregnancy, and if so what time during pregnancy… bleeding/spotting, cold, flu, bladder infection, fever, yeast infection, other vaginal infections, skin rash, dehydration from vomiting, abnormal growth of baby, premature labor, high blood pressure, blood sugar problems, exposure to x-rays or chemicals, others?
· What was the baby’s activity like in the womb?
· How much weight did the mom gain during pregnancy?
· Due Date
· Actual Birth date
· Birth hospital
· Born at full term?
· How long was labor
· What type of delivery
· Weight of baby?
· Length of baby?
· Chest size?
· Head size?
· Do you know of any problems at birth?
· Apgar scores at 1 min and 5 mins
· At birth, how did baby feed?
· Baby was discharged from hospital at how old?
· Did patient have complications during the 1st month of life?
· Were there complications in the first year of life?
· When did the patient do the following: Rolled over, Sat alone, crawled, walked holding onto furniture, first word, walked alone
· Does the child receive any special services? (ot, pt, st, etc)
· Is the child enrolled in special education program?
· Has the child lost ability to perform skills or life activities that were previously developmed
· Does the child have vision problems?
· Does the child have hearing problems?
· What medications is the patient on? Name, doses, and times taken
· Does child have any allergies to medication?
· Other allergies?
· List all hospitalizations
· List all surgeries
· List all procedures
· List all symptoms: appetite changes/problems, growth difficulties, visual problems, hearing problems, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, cardiac problems, respiratory issues, seizure and staring spells, sleep disturbances, behavior/learning problems, skin changes/lesions, bladder/urinary tract problems, headaches, menstrual difficulties, sexual dysfunctions, substance abuse, depressions, other psychiatric history.
· Patients Sibling (S) name, DOB, living or decease, and medical problems
· Child’s father information and Mothers information; Name, DOB, Medical problems, age or age of death, number of children.
· Father and mothers brothers and sisters: name, DOB, medical problems, age or age of death and number of children.
· Ethnicity of both of your parents
· As far as you can trace back in your ancestors do you or your parents’ parents have common relatives?
· All docs that care for patient
· Medical records for the last 6 months to 1 year
Okay I give up, I can’t type anymore!!!!
OH MY!!!!!
I have no idea!!!


  1. Wow, my brain would be hurting after answering all these...

  2. oh my!
    can your / his docs fill it out for you?