Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Enjoying ourselves

With all the hard posts and all the hard things going on I had to take a minute and tell all of yall that I am extremely blessed. I have an AWESOME husband who is able to provide for all of my needs and wants, 2 AWESOME boys who provide me with lots and lots of entertainment and cuddles, and I am blessed with AWESOME friends as well.

Sunday we went to listen to Uncle Al (Adam’s brother) speak at a church…. We knew that the day was going to be hectic but we were excited to go, after church we went to an Aunt’s house and had lunch. It was great.

The boys enjoyed being outside they played baseball, Aden got to be barefoot and Zach enjoyed being in the shade but being outside. It was a load of fun and it was wonderful. Both of the boys loved going up and down the steps and playing on the porch. They had a huge birdhouse and they loved looking at that. There was a bell that Aden was able to ring with help from someone. Aden had a blast!

I hear so many negative stories about families not accepting the g-tube and feedings and all that that when I heard that we were going I was nervous, this side of the family is AWESOME and has always been supportive but Zach is now on cont feeds and they haven’t seen him in a while so I was nervous. They had a great time but Zach got really hot and we had to strip him, he got rinsed off with cold water and we decided to leave him naked for a while.

Well, the family was so loving and accepting of it, it didn’t bother them AT ALL. It was wonderful… at one point we were talking about Zach’s button and Zach decided that he had to show them the button it was so cute, Zach pointed to it and then spoke something in Zach mumble. It was so cute.

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