Friday, April 24, 2009

So What have we been doing lately????

So it has been a while so please forgive all the pics and all the stories. We have several things that have been going on so I thought that I would start with one and just keep going.
Aden loves his brother and here are a few of the pics that we have taken of them together lately!

Zach LOVES LOVES LOVES sunglasses!!! I had to post this pic, the sunglasses are too big but he cried when we took them off. He is also growing into some clothes, this outfit is 3-6 months and it is so cute, it by far is the cutest outfit that I have put him in!!!

So I have learned that Aden is a ROCKSTAR!!! He was trying to show me how he could play the guitar and what all it entails. However, Me a ROCKSTAR, Yeah Right!!! Aden however is a ROCKSTAR!!!!!!

Recently Zach has been flipped to continuous feeds 24 hours a day….. One of the questions that I have been asked is how do you put him in the car seat if he has the backpack on? This is something that we have had to figure out. Adam figured out the best way and it is something that we have carried on doing in every vehicle that we have had to put him in.
Adam took his backpack and hung in on the little clip made for hangers and clothes. So this is what it looks like and it works AWESOME. I wanted to brag on Adam a little and show all a way that we cope with things

Zach had a Lekotek play therapy appointment so he was totally exhausted when we got done with the hour, Aden was pretty tired to but after about an hour of resting he decided that he was energized enough to play. I asked Aden what he would like to do and got an odd response “Bake a Cake for Daddy!” okay so what did we do, we baked a cake for Daddy. It was a lot of fun.

There are some things to know about this cake though:
1. Aden is scared of noises, I mean they hurt his ears and whenever I use the mixer he runs and hides, so I tried to have all the things ready for him today.
2. This is Yellow cake mix, it is the only kind that is premade that Zach can have.
3. We are out of sprinkles (why does this matter I will tell you at 4)
4. Aden asks if we can “color the cake like we did eggs?” I mean that was several weeks ago and he still remembers the food coloring, I guess he liked doing that. So He picked purple before I could even rattle off some colors to him. Why purple I have no clue but purple it was. Now this is significant though because he knew that since we didn’t have sprinkles it would be a plain yellow cake. I make the yellow cakes like a confetti cake since Zach can’t have the confetti cake mix. It is amazing what he remembers. Did you know that a Yellow cake with purple food coloring looks like chocolate cake when it comes out of the oven.

5. I forgot to dump some of the spray since I allowed Aden to spray and man did he use a lot of spray so it has a yellow looking ring on it. However, it came off when I transferred to the cake plate. It stuck to the pan.
6. I asked Aden what color icing he wanted and any guesses on what color…. PINK? He wanted Daddy to have pink icing, well okay, pink icing I mixed up.

7. He loves icing and after icing the cake for a few he decided to Hoard the icing bowl and eat the remaining icing, which I had put most if not all the icing on the top of the cake for him to spread down and all that, but still I didn’t get a lick (although that is good)

8. He also asked that since we didn’t have sprinkles if we could cut strawberries to put on top, so they are in the fridge waiting for daddy to get home.
Aden Made Daddy a CAKE!!!

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