Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mountains, Molehill!

There are moments when you just kinda curl up, pulling your knees up to your chin and hide under the covers praying that no one sees you or needs you.  In our society we have phrases that let others know that we are struggling with things.  The main phrase runs through my head right now is “making hills out of molehills”  We often use this phrase when dealing with something negative, mostly when people can’t handle a situation.  I, however, would like to challenge you to use this phrase positively. 

Immediately after Zach died we took one 9x12 box full of items and took them to the hospital to be given to others that were in the hospital and facing times like we were no longer going to get to have.  In that moment on that day when I will admit I wanted to do nothing but curl up and hide, I wanted to try to touch more than just me.  I tried to reach outside of myself and touch others, to remind them that they weren’t alone and honestly that well it was worth it. 

Fast forward to 2014, 3 years later and I can say I think that molehill, I mean 9x12 box, has become a huge mountain.  This year I prayed that we could touch as many lives as possible, that we could touch Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters and Patients themselves.  I prayed that we would touch Doctors and Nurses.  I prayed that we would touch anyone that might need a smile or a simple reminder that they were not alone. 

In praying this, I took action, I emailed and facebooked my heart out.  Asking everyone to pray, to donate items and to make a different even if was just for one person.  I was immediately amazed to get my first box of items donated.  The box was full of items, it was more than one life touched.  I thought “ok God Thank you!” and I thought it would be done.  Well as my pleas went out and things straggled in I was worried that this was the year that time went on.

See one of the hardest things about losing someone that you love is that the world goes one.  The people that flooded you at the funeral leave, those that helped are gone and you’re left picking up pieces.  I was worried that this would be the year that my sweet strong amazing little boy would be forgotten not because people forgot him but because time moved on.  People got busy, money got tight, Children got older and well time flies by. 

Then one day I got a text, simply saying “I need to talk to yall”  Yall being Adam, my husband, and myself, after several hours and several texts later I was shocked to think that my church was going to use Remembering Zachary as the missions project.  Now if you know anything about VBS and penny wars, this was and is a huge deal.  Every night we took Aden and we went to VBS, we worked and listened to the lessons that were being taught, listening to their goal in awe.  God is faithful to complete that which He starts, and truthfully I was praying for $100 maybe $200.  Then it hits me that they were not just doing pennies but they were collecting some of the items that could be used at the hospital as well.  Not only was that but my mountain was built even more as I was asked if the children could help fill some of the bags and if they could be involved. 

This morning, Tara Baptist Church ended their VBS in the morning service.  The mission is explained to everyone that is there, since not everyone makes it to VBS and a total was given.  The total was $500.85, this alone shocked me, really, you’re kidding me right! That is huge.  Well see my mountain wasn’t tall enough, this isn’t the end of this story.  The God that made Zachary perfect, that loved him enough and blessed him by allowing him to die, wasn’t done yet.  Walking out of the doors I was grabbed and asked if I had heard the new total… “Yes, it was announced” her response…”no, that wasn’t it, want a new total?” Now I thought one or two more dollars maybe fifty dollars.

Nope God made my molehill, my little to do about nothing, and made it huge, a huge huge mountain.  Grand total was $871.42  Now I will Confess I had no clue that God would bless us so much that God would give us a mountain, that we would be able to touch so many but I am reminded God can do anything that if you ask Him and if you are in His will, He will be faithful.


Tara people: THANK you!!!! I am beyond blessed and shocked at everything that was donated, thank you for allowing us to share about Zachary and to be reminded that he was very much part of the church.  Thank you for missing him, loving him and caring about us!  Thank you for allowing us to share love and smiles to so many more people than we ever know. 

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