Wednesday, September 30, 2009

4, already?

So Tomorrow, October 1st, is Aden’s 4th Birthday. I am not sure how that has happened. I mean it seems like just yesterday that he was born and that he was a little baby wearing 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers. Now he is a BIG BOY. He is 41 inches tall and 30 pounds; he is wearing 4s in pants (blue jeans) and 4t/5t and X-Small shirts and big boy undies. I can’t believe that he all of a sudden got to be so big.

He is in preschool and loves it; he still 4 weeks into it wants to live there and asks every morning if we are going to school and/or if we are going to church. He loves having friends and being involved with other children his age. He has also started Cubbies in the AWANA program. He is loving learning his verses and getting to learn the sign language for all of his verses. I stand in AWE of how God works.

Every day when I pick him up he crawls into the van, kisses Zach and then goes to his seat. Even with all that Zach causes him to change and be flexible he loves him. Aden is best educator that I have ever met. He is able to tell others that his brother has a tube and that he gets tired easily and that he can’t have milk or any milk proteins. He is able to tell that he can’t have apples or watermelon and that you have to check the ingredients before he will take it and eat it. He has found sports… he loves to watch basketball and football and loves to watch it with daddy. He gets excited and cheers on the teams (He even yells at TV like Daddy). We have gotten to go to several Falcon games as well, he loves going to the game although his attention isn’t that long and with all the noise he wants to “go home and watch the game” He says that he wants to grow up and be a judge (to help say what is right and wrong) and play football, sounds like a wonderful goal!

My little boy is 4, How did that happen???

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