Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So we are HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been forever and I am so sorry.

After 13 days in the hospital Zach is at home, still having a few issues but we are home. He isn't able to stand really and isn't able to walk at all, he is still so weak, he is barely able to crawl and crawling with the pump is even harder. He ate dinner last night and some crackers this morning. We are all delighted to be home, ALL of us are delighted!

So now that I am home I want to say THANK YOU to all... I am not going to say names because I didn't ask permission but you will know who you are.

-- to all of yall who called me and checked in by phone.
-- to those that let me call you past 9pm so I didn't use my mins on my cell phone
-- to those who brought food
-- to the one that brought me some diet coke and food at 1:40am, even though she didn't have makeup on or know where she was going. I will never forget it.
-- to those that immed me
-- to those that left messages on caringbridge and facebook-- to those that were willing to keep Aden
-- to the one that took Aden to the playground, to school, and wherever else
-- to the one that allowed me to cry over the phone to them, even though they didn't understand -- to the ones that came and saw Zach and played with him
-- to those that brought stickers, markers and other art supplies to Zach

I know that there are a thousand more but those are the ones that came up... so now that we are home pray for the whole SSI thing, we were denied because of income so we have to do the KAtie Beckett/deeming waiver, man.... that is some paperwork and it all has to be signed by a doctor of course. PRAYING I can emotionally hold it together!

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