Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So one of the things that help with MITO is a drug, well the FDA considers it a supplement called CoQ10. Many people take it as a supplement at roughly 100mg per day. The script that Zach has is for 800mg per day and I just got a call back that says that they can't get the brand that the Mito Doc wants and that the only way that they can do it is to get a powder and compound it up, I asked how much that was. He got off the phone with me and figured it out and then called me back... anyone ready for this, no seriously are you really ready for this it is going to be $400.00 a month for that one drug that insurance doesn't cover. Keep in mind that this isn't a liquid form (which has been shown to absorb better) that is compounded.

So I am overwhelmed to say the least! I had been told that it was expensive and I knew that going in that insurance probably wouldn't cover it but 400 a month is beyond what I could even have imagined.

If you are one that has been praying for us, please please please pray for this. Hearing this today is hard since Zach is stumbling and falling, feeling miserable and running a mild fever. It makes it all so real and hard for me. Yes I know that it can/could be worse but right now for me it is hard.

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