Monday, April 29, 2013

just a moment

I wont promise that this blog will make sense, I won't even promise that there is correct splling or grammar, Please bare with me.
Every day I get up and I wonder what is going to happen… I kiss my husband good morning, get my son out of bed by turning on his light and tickling him (yes, I know this isn’t nice but if he isn’t up it is the only way that he will get up), I then begin to get ready for my day.  Many mornings getting ready for my day includes picking up my phone checking on the weather and then opening my text messages.  Sometimes I have one that I need to read but honestly most of the time I hold my phone in my hands and I start to pray.  I pray for the people that are so important in my live. 

The now widow, who was willing to come and sit with me when Zach was so sick and who immediately after Zachary’s passing did something that I will always cherish, that is still very much new to the title of widow that helps her children and loves on her grandchild.  The dear friend who opened up to me and was willing to tell me about the personal things that she has been through, who has had meals with me and who has cared enough to ask how I am doing, who has diabetes and who was in a major car accident.  The dear friend who has made me laugh more than I can tell her, who I miss since it has been a long time since we have really gotten to do anything, who tried her hardest to do the things that I needed when I needed them.  A friend that I love dearly and wonder how she is doing at getting her three boys off to school.  The dear friend who was totally honest with me and told me her story, every detail that I was willing to listen to, who listens to me even when I am not able to get things out, a amazing sweet person who almost never has her husband home and who hates to be alone. A very sweet friend that has adopted my family and that loves on us, who currently is having their family grown through a situation that I can’t imagine having to know what to do.  A friend who is willing to pray for me and talk to me when I don’t know what is going on.   I sit there and I pray and I think of all the amazing things.

See each person has things that we struggle with and while we are not always aware of it there is a reason that we are going through the things that we do.  Lately it is that God is telling me that He has everything that somehow it will be okay.  I am struggling with things that are beyond my control and yet God has been reminding me it isn’t over yet! Things will be okay.  I can look at each of the people that I pray for and I can say that I not only pray for them because of the situation that they are in now but also for the type of person that they are.  However, if I am truthful I don’t know what they are going through at the moment most of the time.  Most of the time I am thinking about the type of person they are or how they have touched my heart so much.  If we are honest with ourselves we all have titles that we can use and some of them will not be nice or pretty to be called but we can use them.  I simply pray for who they are and for all that they are.  I pray for all the ripples that they cause and for the ones that they cause.  I wonder if it will be just ripples or if the waves will come crashing over and yet I still sit there and pray.

God has brought me to where I am, Only God will take me to a different situation, I can move and do the things that he called me to do but I am still called by God to love, respect, care for and do all the things that He has commanded me to do.  Right now I also have to learn that Worry is not one of those things that God has called me as His child not to stress.  That the things of this world Money, medical, jobs, friends and anything else that I add to it are just God reminding me that I don’t have control but that it is all God!

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