Saturday, January 19, 2013

What is God teaching me?

God is teaching me…

What is He teaching me? Well that depends on what part of my life that you are part of and how close we are?  God has had his hand in my life and I have never doubted that for sure, however, I am learning that there are some things that I am very blessed to have.

I have a family… not just blood family but a wonderful family given to me by marriage and from the bond of God.  A wonderful husband and his family that I don’t know what I would do without them.  They have walked the world for me on multiple occasions and gone far past what they have to and love me through it.  Friends that are so much part of my life that I don’t know what I would do without them.  Texts, visits, emails and phone calls!!!

I have learned that as much as I hate talking on the phone that I will talk on the phone to those that I love.  I text I am a texting fool, I like being able to not be on the phone but I can tell you in the past month or so I am learning that there are times to hear a voice is AMAZING. 

I have learned that sometimes a beat, sometimes a radio that is playing music that only you can hear can totally cause you to rock out and will change a mood.  There are times when the only thing that will take a blue mood and change it is to be totally jamming out to some rocking music with the windows rolled down totally grooving to them music.  That there is a smile that just sneaks up and covers your whole face.  I have a friend that constantly has a song playing in their head, they will be walking up steps and all of a sudden will stop and drop a move.  They will be sitting at a table waiting for something and will start moving their shoulders and will be jamming, I will ask for her music to be turned up because she will get that little smile sneak up to her face and instantly she is amazingly happy.  You know at any moment she is being entertained in her head.  I have learned because of this that her jamming can make me go from blue to giggly and I have learned that if I turn the radio on and jam that I can be amazingly happy and joyful,  Truly HAPPY!

I have learned that just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that isn’t true.  This is something that I am really trying to learn.  See we have family, loved ones, and friends who should be building us up… it is something that I have always struggled with seeing what others see in me.  Well had said enough is enough, that I need to believe some of those close to me can see and are saying to me! So I am learning that right now. 

I have learned that just because it doesn’t make sense doesn’t mean that it isn’t what needs to be done…. See I have learned to look at it this way.  We each are a color and we are coloring a picture, if we just use one color the picture but you can’t see the true beauty in the picture.  It is only with all the colors that you see all of the beauty.  I have learned that I need to let those colors in my life, not just to lightly color one little spot but to be bold and wonderfully involved. 

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