Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dec Already

So it is December 2nd already... I can't believe how fast time is flying. I also can't believe the number of phone calls and emails and shout-outs that are asking for ideas for the boys. There are people that asking for small ideas, money ideas, and gift ideas so I am going to post here and on caringbridge. I don't know who reads what but I don't want to send a mass email out because we aren't looking for anything in particular, this is one of those posts that if you were asking it is for you.

Ideas for Aden:
-DVDs- he loves backyardgins, superheros, scooby, etc. We haven't bought new DVDs in a while so he doesn't have many new releases.
-Days out (Monkey Joes, ChuckeCheese, etc)
-twin bedding
Please NO spongebob though

Ideas for Zach:
-Stickers- he loves loves loves loves stickers. This is prob his number one thing that he does
-Art stuff
-color wonder things
-sleepers (18 months to 2T), preferable those that have buttons or snap at the legs, so we can get the tube in and out.
-pillow cases and crib sheets

Money Ideas (just for those that asked)
-Aden's school tuition
-cleaning services

Time Ideas
-Taking Aden to the playground (Zach can't go)
-Taking Aden to the movies (again Zach can't go)
-Watching Zach so we can do things with Aden
-Preparing meals or gift cards so we can not worry about dinner and have that time together.

Household things:
-a new vacuum (one that has a heppa filter in it)
-storage or something to organize the toy room
-Storage container or file folder things for Zach's artwork

I am sure there are million of other ideas but this is what I came up with, I will update it as the month goes on.

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