Wednesday, May 6, 2009

There is no such thing....

As an easy week here, in additions to Zach’s button coming out multiples times, going to the ER multiple times and going to the Docs, Zach’s pump has been going off constantly because of a new button/PEG, Zach is having no energy and if he is awake he is crying. However, last night Adam came home and we had a great night, we played in Aden’s room with all of his cars, trains, and planes, then we came back to our bed and we jumped and had a good time on it. We had a blast. It was a good few mins of happiness to be followed by this chaos.

The feeding bags connection doesn’t like staying connected to the PEG (g-tube. This means that it is popping unconnected and leaking. It happens a lot… well last night it happened again… at 1st I panicked because all I saw was this dark red stuff on his diaper and on his onesis. When I looked I quickly realized that it was just stomach gunk and that it wasn’t blood or anything to be scared or panicked over. I quickly started the water for a bath and got Adam to help me take his backpack off, he was so soaked with stomach gunk, I didn’t want to put him near me to get it all over me. I picked him up and got him into the bathroom.

I undressed him and I found this…. Why??? So we cleaned him up put the nysatin on it and hoped and prayed that it would get better.
Sigh, it is never an easy week!

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