Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So another procedure for Zach

So this week we went to the Doc on Monday and found out that Zach is going to have to have his Tubes removed and new tubes put in and then he finally gets to have a sedated ABR… I am delighted about that.

Anyway onto today’s procedure, I wanted to let you know that I have the sweetest most AWESOME little boys in the world. Aden wanted to make sure his brother was fine and that all was okay and he was sad that Zach had to go back to the hospital but since he got to go to Pa-paws he was okay with it all.

Zach waiting to go into the hospital this morning, he was so so so sweet! I love him!

All I can say about Zach is that he is so brave and so sweet. Zach loved seeing the techs and he stayed still for the whole test.
Zach waiting to have the procedure done
Waiting with mommy to have more pictures taken, I have lead on and so he is hot up against me and he was uncomfy

This is what they could see while they had the fluro on! That is Zach's insides
Now we wait for the results and wait for the other tests and Doc appointments

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