Thursday, August 15, 2013

just a little note!

So I keep getting asked where my blog has been… why there hasn’t been an update or why I haven’t written lately… well the honest truth is that life has been unpredictable and busy. So here is a mini update for those that are curious and that are wondering.

It is SCHOOL time here in my area.  Aden has started a new school and it is far more amazing for him than we could ever have imagined, they are still assessing and doing lots of overview but he loves it.  His teacher is an amazing woman who retired from the public school system and honestly is an amazing well seasoned teacher.  Exactly what I have been praying for him, a teacher that will be sweet and loving but that will push him and kick his hiney into high gear if needed.  This he has and he respects her.  I am overwhelmed by all of the things that kinda just fell into place with this school and the emotions that we have with it.  We are very excited to be starting this school year and yes I know it is only 4 days into school but Aden is still waking up every morning eager to go to school.  This was the 1st year since he started preschool that I didn’t get to be part of the 1st day of school drop off, well to be honest, I don’t get to drop him off this year 99% of the time, this is very different for me but I am excited that his daddy gets this time and that my son is seeing that Daddy’s do more than just work.  It has been amazing to see them in the morning talking and getting breakfast.

My big news that I accepted a job well let me rephrase that... I got a job, then after a day of being there I got warned that I might get a different job and then I got a different job.  I am now teacher Ga Pre-K and I love it… now it is harder than I imagined for me, I have a ton of things that I am learning and honestly I am still very much confused.  I am trying to get it to a routine that makes sense to me… but I have 22 new loves of my life that love to get tickle hugs and tell me all the things that they do.  I went through a lot to get this job, since my B.S. is not in education; I had to go through the state to get approved.  I found out that yes I was approved to be a lead teacher and I was able to keep the class. 

So life is a changing as I like to say.  We are getting used to things… we have a new school, a new job and 2 new routines so if you count our family together as a whole we have 3 schools, 3 routines and 2 jobs!

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