Thursday, June 4, 2009

The boys calming down after playing.

The 1st thing that I want to say is that Zach got approved for a session with The Littlest Heroes Project: It is an AWESOME organization that hooks families up with photographers that will take pics of their child, children and families. I am praying that we can get Zach’s 2 year pictures done through them, Zach has been through so much and I would love to look back at his smile and at the love that the boys have for each other. I also would love to have a family shot, which we don’t have since Zach was born. It would be nice to have one of those. I am super excited about it… I can’t believe that he gets to be part of this.

So it is summer here is Atlanta… It is HOT already and the boys are loving being out in the sunshine. Zach’s body, however, doesn’t… this is one of the hardest things for me yet. We didn’t deal with this last year, last year he wanted to stay in and since he couldn’t sit, crawl or walk he was happy with it. Well, this year he is doing awesome and can sit, crawl and even walk…sometimes not well but he can walk. The heat drains his body and wipes him out, I am not talking about he just gets hot I am talking about he gets to where he can’t sit, stand, or walk. He asks to go to bed and sleeps hours on end. It is a new battle that I am unsure how to handle. I want him to be outside with his brother and I want him to be “normal” but his body revolts and that is so hard to deal with as well.

Cutest pic ever, I love the belly and the button!!

Since he can’t go outside much and since he has been having so many bad days lately, I am trying to be a good mom and find stuff for the boys to do. I am trying to find those things that they can do together, which is hard. Zach can’t sit at the table with Aden cause he has to have his seat so we can use the floor and the bed… so painting is pretty much out (although I was wondering if we could do it outside). We have found that Aden loves, loves, loves to help his brother, he picks stickers for him and he helps him with the markers and crayons. It is something that I strive to do because I want the boys to have some normalcy in their life. I mean between Gi, neuro, PT, OT, ST, and all the other appointments life gets a little depressing, I get overwhelmed. So I have decided that we will color every day. Now I color with crayons but the boys love markers and so we do coloring. Zach is working on holding it and having the strength to get it to the paper (he doesn’t have enough strength to drag it on the paper), Aden is working on coloring in the lines and telling mommy what should be what colors (on her pic). He loves to pick out the crayons and the markers for Zach and for me.

Until recently, Zach didn’t know how to interact with his brother, however, he knows now that he can fight back and that Aden can’t take everything from him. AWWWW, Brotherly love!!! Aden loves him, checks on him, holds his hands, helps me calm him when we give meds and while I am doing his feeds (well getting them ready). He is an AWESOME big brother.
I have found that he can out first thing in the morning when it isn’t so hot and if he stays in the pool or in the shade that he has roughly an hour maybe a little more before he can’t do it anymore, then he has to go in and rest till later on in the afternoon. When he goes back out he can only go out about 30 mins or so before he starts to turn red, have his head pouring with sweat and starts to overheat. I bought a $10 cheap pool from Wal-mart and the boys love it, it is AWESOME for them and they are having a blast. Aden loves the water and is having blast with it. Aden goes out to it at least 3 times a day, he loves to jump in it and he loves to put the balls in it as well. Lots and lots of fun and I think that he would live in it if he could Zach is working on walking without his braces and he is working on getting in and out of the pool, this is a very hard thing to do for him.

Oh my, I had the realization the other day that Zach is 23 months, do you know what this means? It means my little man; my little blessing is going to be 2 soon. WOW, I can’t believe it, time has flown. I still look at him as a baby… maybe it is because of all we have gone though. I am so blessed with him. We were told that he would never sit, smile, or walk. He is doing all 3. He is a fighting and every day I look at him and I am amazed that he is my little boy

So several of yall ask me what can we do what can we pray for so here is a list of things that we are trying to do or get done.
· Preschool or schooling opportunities for Aden
· Surgery and procedures in June for Zach
· Surgery and procedure in July for Zach
Birthday Ideas or Things we are working on:
· Sand/dirt Toys (trucks, shovels, anything that can go outside and stay outside)
· Outside toys, we have a bit of shade that Zach and Aden can play in, we have a little play thing but that is it.
· Bath toys (the boys love to play together so this is something they can do to cool off and be together)
· Bubble bath and bath crayons, gels, etc
· Cooking stuff: play foods, plates, pans, etc
· Working on: getting pillow cases made for Zach (kids prints or something that is for him)
· Working on: getting a cooling vest, I found a way to make one but I can’t sew and it sounds super difficult
· Working on: getting cooling neck wraps, I found a way to make these as well. (Either homemade or bought.)
A new crib mattress, we have to replace the one that he has now


  1. Lots of fun in the pool, glad you are enjoying the nice weather :)

  2. You are such a busy and great mommy!